10 Home made Baby food recipes of 5 months old

Top 10 Home made Baby food recipes of 5 months old.

Having a baby is like God’s blessings are showering on you. But you have to take care of the diet of your baby. A 5 month old is as fragile as a new born and you have to start feeding it the right amount of food as per pediatrician’s prescription.

Feeding your baby can be a challenging task. Every baby is different from the other one. Hence the challenge doesn’t come with a guide book. But we are here to help you choosing food options for your 5 month old. Do not overfeed your baby would be your resolution. Do not get dishearten if it rejects the food. Babies generally reject new foods and you have to be very patient with it.

Here are some food options that you can choose from

Cerealshealthy food for babies, are the least allergenic grains. One can always start with these. Avoid flavoured cereals, stick to plain cereals. When the baby indicates that he or she likes cereal other variants can be introduced gradually.

Fruits – usually most mothers start feeding the babies with bananas. This is a fruit that does not need any cooking, it is easy to digest and is soft. One needs to simply smash the banana and feed the baby.

Veggies – They help in healthy growth and development of the baby and may also help to protect against some diseases in the long term. Babies are naturally drawn to sweet tastes, so the mother may have more luck with vegetables like sweet potatoes. Make them sit in an upright position and feed them, to avoid choking hazards.

Dairy – whole milk has to be given. Never give low fat or skim milk products to your five months old. Raw milk is not an option for you! You have to boil the milk every time you are going to feed it.

Some magical homemade baby food recipes for the five-month-old angel are

  • Baby Brown Rice Cereal -This is the recipe that you should try when your baby is approaching 5 months or crossing 5 months. You need to make fine powder of some brown rice. Take two to three spoons of that powder, mix it with warm milk, add in some water to maintain the consistency and when it becomes paste like consistency; you can feed your baby. You have to cool it down to the room temperature to avoid any kind of accident.
  • Apple Puree -‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’ So build this habit in your child from a very tender age. You need to deseed the apple, peel it and then have to boil it. After boiling it you need to mash it. This is a wholesome meal and you have to feed your child in portions. Ask your pediatrician for permissions.
  • Banana or Avocado Puree -Banana is the natural source of several minerals but too much of it can cause constipation. If you are experimenting with your baby’s diet, we would recommend you to consult your pediatrician soon. You can also take avocado as it contains about 20 vitamins and minerals along with folate, fiber, potassium, vitamin E, iron and healthy fats that help with brain and nervous system development.Mash the banana or avocado, add in some water and boil it. Feed your child after cooling it down.
  • Pea Puree -Peas are filled with nutrients but not every can digest them. Boil the peas, mash them and cool it down. Now feed your baby in a very small quantity. Make sure that you do not over feed it as sometimes babies are allergic to peas. So, have patience.
  • Carrot Puree –Carrot contains full nutrition of fat, carbohydrate, protein, cholesterol, and sodium which are necessary for your baby.So, take a carrot, peel it, chop it and let it boil in water. Now mash it and add with some boiled milk. You can maintain the consistency as per your child’s convenience. Now let it cool down and then feed your child.
  • Baked Sweet Potato Puree –Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, so the baby can get benefited from it.Potatoes are farmed underground. So you need to clean them properly. Now peel it, chop it and let it boil with water. Once it is boiled, you need to mash it and add some milk to make a puree out of it. Now cool it down and feed your baby
  • Pumpkin Puree -This is an elegant seasonal healthy food for five-month old babies. Children love sweet food particles. Pumpkin is filled with potassium and iron.You need to clean it properly. Now peel it, chop it and let it boil with some water. Once boiled, you need to mash it and add some water or boiled milk. Make a puree out of it. You can fill the feeding bottle or can feed with spoon.
  • Pear Puree –Pears are easy to digest. Your baby would love this for sure. You need to peel the pear, chop it off and let it boil with water. Once it is boiled, you can mash it with a spoon or make a puree of it in the blender with some boiled milk.Your baby is going to love this recipe.
  • Pulse Soup –Pulses are the best choice for nutritional food for babies. These are filled with good proteins and your baby would need it. Wash the pulses you are going to use, let it boil with water. Once it is boiled, take it down to a soupy consistency. Feed your child this.
  • Green Bean Puree –Green beans are rich with vitamins and minerals. You need to introduce your baby with green vegetables as early as possible. But you have to clean it properly, chop it and let it boil with some water. Now mash it with a fork. Cool it down and the puree is ready to be fed.With a lot of vitamins, carbohydrates and protein, it is one of the most nutritional foods for babies.Consult your pediatrician at every step. But do as per the requirement of your baby. Your baby is growing its taste buds at this phase. So, do not overdo things as it may interrupt its normal growth. Watch what your baby needs and as per its requirements, change the recipes here and there.

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